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Samatva Vision

We promote holistic wellbeing based on the concept of samatva, which can be understood as equanimity, equality or even-mindedness.

Yoga and mindfulness can help to develop a sense of samatva, by bringing the body and mind into balance, promoting resilience, a sense of balance and alignment in our day-to-day lives.

Meet your instructor

My name is Holly

As a secondary school teacher and yoga practitioner of over fifteen years, I have brought my passions of yoga and working with young people together to promote balanced and holistic teen wellbeing.  


Through my experience in the classroom both locally and internationally, I work to champion teen resilience, by helping students to develop tools for emotional regulation, self- management and greater productivity.  


In our ever-changing world, I believe these skills will help teens to lead a flourishing and balanced life throughout their school careers and beyond.​


I hold a 200hYTT through Taozi Tree Yoga, Beijing, a 500hYTT through Kookaburra Creek Yoga, Perth and a Yoga Ed. Teaching Teen's Yoga qualification. I have also completed my MA.Education with a focus on youth wellbeing.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to support wellbeing.

Please get in touch!

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